This Week’s Toon

For our fabulous Powell River Councillor CarolAnne Leishman – thank you for your insight and passion! And thanks to the rest of council for passing these hard-hitting, real-time climate action proposals.

Maybe we’ll survive this thing – or our children will. Just maybe…
love, w

February Toons 2018

Our Mayor, dreaming of his new cannabis factory once its legal. The ’smell of money’ used to be what people called the stench from the paper mill (before they put in good filters).

Toons April and others 2018

People in PR are building a permanent bridge across the hiking trail to accommodate toads.
The Fixed Link is a dream of many living here – would be a highway to Whistler through, over, under the mountains. Not getting a lot of traction (har) since gov’t did a cost-analysis between it and better ferry service. Ferries came out on top.

A few others, below, don’t think they got posted for some reason. Fairly self-explanatory.
love, w

This week’s toon December 2018

I expect to be chastised by the Scoutmaster-In-Waiting (as the troop is dormant) but then, it’s usually the toons I think are most benign that inspire ire. We’ll see… stay tooned! love, w
( PS Nary a peep from the Scouts in Letters! )

toons October/November 2018

BC’s holding a referendum to see whether to change representation from first past the post to proportional. The ballot has 2 parts – 1) choice 2) 3 different complicated choices of prop rep. A bit much for most folks:

Obviously, Black Friday Insanity.

And finally, Canada Post back to work.