today’s toon – liquor policy

The only store on Savary, the little island off Lund, north of Powell River by about 15 miles or something, can’t get a liquor licence…have been trying for 20 YEARS!! Because it’s only 5 k to the nearest outlet – but by SEA! Imbeciles. Meanwhile, gov’t sez they want to make liquor sales easier, available in grocery stores soon, etc. Keerist.

Love, w

today’s toon – blackout

Now that we’re having a serious cold snap – even dusting of snow – Hydro tells us they’ll be cutting down some poles at the airport so have to black out the power for 8 hours in a big part of town including old folk’s joints. So do I do a nasty, hard-hitting, critical toon as I should? Nope…

Oh well, can’t be uber-bitch all the time, must be the xmas spirit.

Love, w

today’s toon – happy trails Laura!

It’s my editor’s last week, retiring after about 15 yrs working together (yikes – wonder if the next editor will be as easy to work with?).

Best to all

Love, wendy

today’s toon – Rob Ford Xmas

Merry Xmas all – (and may you have a Rob-less New Year)

Love, wendy

today’s toon – new terminal

BC Ferries is redoing our terminal (and the Little River terminal in Comox on Vancouver Island) so all traffic to and from the island is going from Saltery Bay (about ½ hr outside PR) to Nanaimo (mid-island) for a month or so. The ride, which used to take 1 ½ hrs will now take 3 hrs and only runs 2 x a day. Nothing they can do about it, the terminals do need upgrading, but it makes us feel even more isolated than usual…

Love, wendy

today’s toon – school hydro hikes

Beleaguered school district faces even more expenses…

Love, w

today’s toon – ferry costs

Serious concern over the ferry system, politicians getting semi-involved, insipid rallies and toothless protests being held up and down the Sunshine Coast – but it’s unlikely anything will change. Canadians just don’t know how to protest. Perhaps if we burned a ferry…



today’s toon – fishy

‘Course, this may be a bit of fear-mongering, still, the DFO and Health Canada test TWENTY-EIGHT fish samples and declare the fish safe from radiation??? It’s a big ocean out there.

Love, w

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today’s toon – ferry terminals

The long-awaited ferry terminals in Powell River (and in Comox) are finished and the ferries are once again running back and forth. BC Ferries is having some kind of drop-in do down at the PR dock to thank people for their patience…

(loving ‘Big Ferry’- hahaha!)

Love, w