today’s toon – lunar eclipse

Eclipse was fabulous! So sorry about the SNOW down East (hahahahaha – oops, sorry)

Love, w

today’s toon – earth day

It turns out the damn government ok’d enormously increased storage of coal on Texada Island (just off Powell River) a MONTH ago – no one knew about it then – which will bring many, many barges of the stuff up the straight. At the same time, coal has been spotted on the beach here – tested, it has huge arsenic content. If Vancouver port authority ok’s the storage there, it will be a done deal without any public input. Not to even mention the rest of the bad news…

today’s toon – bc ferries again

BC Ferries – again. More cuts to service, increases to fares – on the lesser routes like ours!!

And in the Honk yer Own Horn D’pt – I won First in BC & Yukon Newspaper Competition for 2013 with the longboard toon (after the ferry one here.))

Love, w


today’s toon – happy mothers day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

Love, w

today’s toon – green bins

Big non-profit outfit in Ontario is taking charge of the recycling the municipality has done for years in order to get manufacturers to pay for over-packaging. People in Our Town are upset about the subsequent removal of the handy Recycling Bins at the mall.

Love, w

today’s toon – highschool grad

High School Grad is a very big deal out west. Course, maybe it is everywhere now, who knows? It wasn’t when I went to high school, but that was a few thousand years ago, so it may have changed. Just all seems so – I dunno – American, somehow.

Oh well,

Love, w

today’s toon – hospital auxiliary

The Hospital Auxiliary in town has been running a second hand store for decades – they sell mostly old clothing so rely on community to donate. Now another worthy cause in town wants to collect used clothing to sell somewhere – the war is on! Not enuf pie to go around…

(Just got a new Mac Mini (I’ve been on PC forever) – so forgive me if this doesn’t work quite right.Not really used to apple yet, but loving it! thanx Jack)w