today’s toon – green bins

Big non-profit outfit in Ontario is taking charge of the recycling the municipality has done for years in order to get manufacturers to pay for over-packaging. People in Our Town are upset about the subsequent removal of the handy Recycling Bins at the mall.

Love, w

today’s toon – highschool grad

High School Grad is a very big deal out west. Course, maybe it is everywhere now, who knows? It wasn’t when I went to high school, but that was a few thousand years ago, so it may have changed. Just all seems so – I dunno – American, somehow.

Oh well,

Love, w

today’s toon – hospital auxiliary

The Hospital Auxiliary in town has been running a second hand store for decades – they sell mostly old clothing so rely on community to donate. Now another worthy cause in town wants to collect used clothing to sell somewhere – the war is on! Not enuf pie to go around…

(Just got a new Mac Mini (I’ve been on PC forever) – so forgive me if this doesn’t work quite right.Not really used to apple yet, but loving it! thanx Jack)w

today’s toon – a treatise on modern life

Sorry to all who received message supposedly from me as a Google Drive attachment. It wasn’t me. I’ve scanned my computer for virus’ and there don’t seem to be any.

(The Enbridge decision came down too late for deadline today)

Love, w

today’s toon – development

Developers in town are having a really difficult time getting plans through city hall – endless changes, often redundant or contradictory. One waterfront condo development has been going thru the process for FOUR years! Still not through. And they’ve had to deal with 3 separate city planners… the city’s motto is ‘Open For Business’. And our library is still in the basement of city hall even after locations have been chosen, public meetings have been held, architectural drawings were done years ago, etc., etc.

Love, w

today’s toon – library wars

Library wars continue – most Powell Riverites (with the exception of the rabid nay-sayers) are beyond bored with the contretemps – you guys who don’t live here must be practically catatonic with the subject. Nevertheless, the paper continues to air both sides, hence today’s offering: (PS The current tiny library is located in the basement of City Hall.) PPS sweltering weather continues.

Love, w

today’s toon – lund dayz

Happy Summer! Lund – the little town N of PR – is having its annual festival this weekend.

Thanks for the trend tip Celest…

Love, w