today’s toon – facebook resolutions

Happy New Year’s! May 2015 be a kind year for you, yours and the world.

Love, w

today’s toon – fitness resolutions

This week’s paper – lead story about fitness resolutions.


Love, w

today’s toon – solidarite

Scroll down – there are 3 toons today. Because my paper is only published once a week, and the Charlie Hebdo story broke the day after, I didn’t get a toon in the paper about it. So my editors agreed to print something. These were my ideas…they picked the Pencil (which was actually my absolutely first response, drew it as I was watching in horror.) I’m proud of the publisher and editor of the Peak today.

What a week…

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today’s toon – high speed fiber optics

We’re one of the few communities in BC that’s getting the new Telus Ultra High Speed Fiber Optics. The town is festooned with heavy black cable. (Whatever happened to UNDERGROUND WIRES)???? Course I shoulda done something on that, but instead got into this bizarrely verbose toon idea. Jeez. Can’t win ‘em all (if any)…

Love, w

today’s toon – food security project

A 7 month project on food sources – where is it, where’s it needed, who’s eating what, blah, blah – has been funded. Single parent families are in hunger even here…At the same time, it’s the 2nd annual Family Day, w