This week’s toon December 2018

I expect to be chastised by the Scoutmaster-In-Waiting (as the troop is dormant) but then, it’s usually the toons I think are most benign that inspire ire. We’ll see… stay tooned! love, w
( PS Nary a peep from the Scouts in Letters! )

toons October/November 2018

BC’s holding a referendum to see whether to change representation from first past the post to proportional. The ballot has 2 parts – 1) choice 2) 3 different complicated choices of prop rep. A bit much for most folks:

Obviously, Black Friday Insanity.

And finally, Canada Post back to work.

This Week’s Toon (and last week) September 2018

About 30,000 of us live in a town with one 2-lane road out. If there’s a cataclysmic event and the road is compromised, it’s either the ferry or airlift. Some of us ponder that eventuality given The Big One will come. We just don’t know when. We have no community exit strategy except stand in the water.har – life on the edge!

And this is about that huge previously white motel-monster that sits rotting in the middle of town. Still. After lo these many years.
love, w

Today’s Toon July 12 2018

Fisheries & Oceans finally getting some teeth – seizing vessels AND laying heavy fines for people fishing over the limit.

today’s toons – August 2018

It’s been smoky here for past couple of weeks from all the wildfires burning in BC – particularly one or two on Vancouver Island. Today is finally clear – wonderful to see the mountains and ocean again.

Here are a few more from August (sorry – been consumed with legal situation re home inspector and broken retaining wall – all settled now, we’re happy, but it was an arduous negotiation!)

Strange list of current council’s intentions – I guess they hope we think they’re on top of things, election coming up soon.

and finally, our biggest community night of the year – after doing about 20 of them over the years, I was kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel. Still, I have always thought it odd…