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August 9 2016

Sorry – i’ve been inundated lately, no time to pay attention to correspondence. Here are a few week’s of toons…first one is today’s. Most people in town want more industry – light preferably – to bring in more taxes, provide more jobs. The medical marijuana people have been in talks with council for some time now. But as soon as it may be a reality, the Townsite (where facility is to be located) is going all ‘not in my backyard’ about it. Will they look like the existing Heritage buildings and homes, will they put up a big security fence, etc. Meanwhile, the building they want to use was part of the Mill, is about 500 feet away from the main gate. (The City now owns this building through some kind of trade deal.)

July 2016

For some reason, I was moved to do 2 toons last week (above). They put one on the editorial page and one on the facing letter page. There was a massive, weeklong disruption in ferry service to the Sunshine coast last week, right in the middle of tourist and festival season. People had to wait in line as long as 2 ferry crossings, which made the normal 5 hour trip up to 12 hours. People were not amused. At the same time, the long depressed real estate market finally seems to be out of the doldrums.

July 2016

When in doubt – BC Ferries. haha

love, wendy

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