this (and last) week’s toons

Sorry, forgot to send out the toon last week! in light of the horrific wildfire in Alberta, and as we are surrounded by deep forest on 3 sides, it seems that an evacuation plan might be in order. But as we can’t get out of here by car except by ferry and as our small airport has been carved out of the forrest, we don’t actually have a workable plan.

After the first hue and cry, it was reported that our town was going to wait and see what other cities did about their medical marijuana dispensaries – but now, council and RCMP have decided to serve our 2 tiny dispensaries with a cease & desist notice – or major daily fines will be levied against them. They’ve both been forced to close. I don’t know if either will fight it in court.

At the same time, council tells us that because our one main industry, Catalyst, no longer pays their full property tax (after a deal was reached a few years ago to save them from bankruptcy), our ageing infrastructure is badly in need of fixing. More money will have to be found – hence property taxes will likely go up. Again. The mayor did say a year or more ago when there was talk that pot would be legalized, that he thought PR would be a good place to grow it.

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