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You may remember Judi Tyabji Wilson – former MLA, former radio host, former Scarlet Woman (she stole Gordon (Flip) Wilson away from his wife and family) – they moved to Powell River after The Scandal and began sheep farming. She’s also involved in a number of local inititaves including being president of an environmental group, Pebbles in the Pond. This group applied for and received a provincial grant for over $150 000 to open a storefront (which closed after about a month, apparently still owing money to the landlord) and to teach 5 unemployed persons to cure sheep skins or something. She seemed the logical person to be in charge of this endeavour (ha) and received approximately $67 000 for the position while she was still president of the group. (She’s also known Christie Clark – BC Premiere) since they were both in their late teens and is currently writing a book about Christie. Oh joy.

The NDP is taking a dim view of all this.

love, wendy

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