This Week’s Toon

Two medical marijuana dispensaries have opened store-fronts in town. The RCMP and town council seems to be opposed to these places. Business licences will not be forthcoming. (Meanwhile Vancouver has 90 + ‘medical weed’ store-fronts and cops and council turn a blind eye). It all just seems so petty to me – aren’t there more important concerns for police and council?? Ah well, if Justin has his way, all will be moot.

PS – I didn’t get a day off after all, publisher decided last week’s toon (2 guys reading newspaper, one about local treaty, other about suicide pacts on N. Ontario reserve) was fraught with too much – hmm, not sure. Always dicey doing Native toons but in the 20 yrs I’ve been cartoonist for paper, have yet to publish ONE! Strikes me as reverse racism. But he did suggest I might like to do colour this week – first time!! So that was fun!

love, w

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