this week’s toons

On April 5th, the local Tla’amin Nation (formerly known as Sliammon) after 20 years in negotiation,became the 4th Native Nation to sign Treaty. I did the first toon last week which ran in the paper. This week, the suicide pacts in Attawapisik were all in the news, so I did the second toon (with editor’s ok). However, when newspaper deadline loomed, the publisher/editor decided it was too negative because the paper this week was almost entirely taken up with congratulatory articles/pics as the new Nation held various festivities to mark the occasion. In an unprecedented move, he decided to republish the first toon – second week in a row – and will publish the ‘suicide’ toon next week. Which is fine with me – I get a (paid) week off!! Yay.
Happy April,
love, wendy

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