today’s toon – solidarite

Scroll down – there are 3 toons today. Because my paper is only published once a week, and the Charlie Hebdo story broke the day after, I didn’t get a toon in the paper about it. So my editors agreed to print something. These were my ideas…they picked the Pencil (which was actually my absolutely first response, drew it as I was watching in horror.) I’m proud of the publisher and editor of the Peak today.

What a week…

Maybe now all the weeping and gnashing has died down, it’s time – as with the 9/11 thing – to examine WHY Muslim extremists target us. Never mind pencils – can we talk about drones for example? But perhaps not this week.

Love, w

Based on Erik Taynen’s idea. Thanx Erik. Publisher loved it, but after a lot of thought, decided to go with the Pencil:

The one I liked for today…

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