A few million things got in the way this month, so here are the July toons (with explanations where needed). Hope all are having a swell summer!
love, w

PR holds a very popular weekend event called Logger Sports – contestants and tourists come from all over Canada, even from other countries to compete. It’s great fun watching them pit themselves against enormous logs, race to the top of huge upright tree trunks, carve hideous ‘art’ pieces with chain saws – the town is now littered with enormous wooden Thors, mermaids, dragons and the like.

There are twice as many black bears within the PR City Limits this year as last – and there were a LOT then! It’s not uncommon to come across a bear or two loping across the main drag in the middle of the day. We have a lot of bush and a lot of fruit trees…so the town is in process of passing a bylaw allowing electric fencing inside land owner’s property lines. It doesn’t kill anything but does give them a pretty strong jolt.

And finally, people camp. I guess for me, you can take the girl out of the city, but…
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